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Spa Packages

Day of Indulgence

Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate with our Signature Package which begins by relieving stress with a Relaxing one hour aromatherapy Swedish Massage. Continue your visit and Renew your skin with a customized Deep Pore Facial. Then Rejuvenate your hands and feet with a Luxury Spa Manicure and a Luxury Spa Pedicure.

$300 includes gratuity

Simple Indulgence Sampler Package

Relax with a 30 minute Swedish Massage, next Renew your skin with a Mini Facial Treatment. We then hydrate and moisturize your hands with a Paraffin Treatment and your feet with a Moisturizing Pedicure.

$190 includes gratuity , Add a manicure for $15

Rejuvenation Package

Rejuvenate with either a one hour Swedish Massage or a Customized Deep Pore Facial followed by a Luxury Spa Manicure and a Luxury Spa Pedicure.

$195 includes gratuity

Mother/Daughter Day

Each of you will be pampered with either a one-hour Swedish Massage or a Deep Pore Facial. Next you will both receive a side-by-side Pedicure and a Moisturizing Paraffin Hand Treatment. Age 13 and over.

$295 includes gratuity , Add two manicures for $30. Add another daughter/friend for $125.

Romantic Escape Package

Set the mood with a candle-lit one hour couples Swedish Massage using aromatherapy and then continue the experience with a paraffin hand treatment and side-by-side Pedicures.

$290 includes gratuity

LumaFirm Package

See the immediate results of our LumaFirm Lift & Glow Facial. Then we pamper your body with our LumaFirm Body Treatment.

$280 includes gratuity

Gentlemen's Package

Select from either a one-hour Hot Stone Massage or a men's Caviar Anti-Aging Facial, followed by a Moisturizing Manicure and Moisturizing Pedicure.

$200 includes gratuity

Mommy and Me

Side by Side manicures and pedicures with nail art and glitter tattoo OR Each of you can get a manicure, Diva 'do and mini makeover. Age 12 and under

$150 includes gratuity

Teen Package

Teen facial which includes at home care instruction and product samples, manicure and pedicure with nail art. 13 - 18 years old.

$140 includes gratuity

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